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Elevating Life and Career: The Art of Etiquette Beyond Formalities

Elevating Life and Career: The Art of Etiquette Beyond Formalities

Hello, dear readers! I am Christine Ferrera. It's with great excitement I welcome you to a transformational journey, that delves into the realms of refinement and success through the lens of “ETIQUETTE.”

As we embark upon this collective exploration, allow me to weave together the threads of my almost 12-year quest, shaped by a profound belief in the transformative power of etiquette.

“Etiquette is More than Knife and Fork” – Christine Ferrera

My intimate connection with etiquette traces back to my early formative years, at the young age of seven, where the seeds of refined living were first sown. Then fast-forward nearly 12 years, where my path led me into the immersive “etiquette” coaching and training world, guiding adults and children toward mastering the art of etiquette. These aren't only professional skills!  However, these very principles have intricately shaped our children's upbringing, fostering a seamless fusion of personal and professional expertise.

In addition to my own journey, it also brings me immense pride to share that our eldest son, Michael,  has made a significant contribution to the world of etiquette. He authored the book titled, “The Perfect Gentleman's Pocket Guide.”  This literary achievement stands as a testament to our family's generational commitment to grace and professionalism.

Within this blog's digital pages, I invite you to join me in an exploration that weaves personal anecdotes, professional insights, and a collective pursuit of refinement. Together, we'll navigate the intricacies of communication, the subtleties of image refinement, and the often-overlooked comprehensive dining etiquette—a journey where each post unfolds a new chapter in the transformation of life and career.

Consider this blog MORE than a platform for shared growth but a space where the art of etiquette becomes a bridge to a life beautifully lived and a career finely honed.

Welcome aboard, and let's embark on this extraordinary odyssey together!


- Christine


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