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Our Story

Etiquette is MORE than Knife and Fork
- Christine Ferrera

Embarking on my etiquette journey at seven, I transitioned into immersive coaching and training almost 12 years ago.

Beyond honing professional skills, etiquette became a cornerstone in our family's life. Seamlessly blending into personal and professional realms. Proudly, our eldest, Michael, authored "The Perfect Gentleman's Pocket Guide," symbolizing our family's commitment to grace and professionalism, over generations.

Join us in exploring the transformative power of etiquette—a journey that began in my formative years. And… evolved into coaching and now extends to my son's literary contribution.

This story is NOT about rules; it's a way of life transcending each person’s family generation.

Leaving an enduring mark on the refined living landscape. – Christine Ferrera

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