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Welcome to learning the art of engaging in meaningful conversation


Embarking on Excellent Days

All sessions are age-appropriate.

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Does effective eye contact create impressions at networking events, which maximizes profit and growth?

Discover subtle executable etiquette techniques. Yes, flourish in any venue with an abundance of character and charisma. And... navigate the world polished with ease and poise.

"Train a child early = Proficiency into Adulthood" - Christine Ferrera





​The Art of being Poised

  • ​Navigate with confidence and style

  • Become the sort after business partner 

  • Being present and presentable becomes important


The Professional 

  • Do I have a strong representation of my business

  • Am I prepared to stand in for my boss during an executive meeting?

  • Is my image polished enough to effectively convey the message?


Parents Young Adults

  • Cultivate Compassionate Communication:

  • Dining Transforms into an Elegant Pleasure

  • Elevate Your Image from the Start and Watch it Blossom





  • Master the Art of Conversation

  • Capture Attention with Compelling Eye Contact

  • Craft Your Words for Impact



  • Ignite your style to captivate.

  • "Showcase social graces with a touch of glamour.

  • Join us and never skip another unforgettable gala!

College Grads Workforce

  • Empower Your Transition from College to the Workforce

  • Become the Sought-After Business Partner

  • Elevate Your Presence and Professional Presentation

What Others Say - "She is known as the "Etiquette Lady."


The Gala Moment

Ms. Christine, "Thank You" learning to use a knife and fork correctly makes me feel better about attending any event.

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