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Christine Joy Ferrera

Enjoy Life!

Christine Ferrera is a Professional Etiquette Coach


Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing.

Christine specializes in teaching Etiquette skills to children and adults.

"Manners / Communication / Dining... "

Simply being poised in any situations

You will learn to navigate your personal and professional lives, using skills immediately.

While you are never too advanced in years to learn. Christine believes teaching etiquette skills at an early age absolutely position each person for a less challenging future.  


Some of her projects include but are not limited.  

Miss Fontana Pageant, 

Girl Scouts of America,

Redlands Kid's Connection.

 Christine highly recommends a book on etiquette “The Perfect Gentleman’s Pocket Guide”, written by her son Michael Ferrera Jr., as a resource guide on etiquette.


Enjoy Life!


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