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  • Welcome to learning the art of engaging in meaningful conversation and embarking on Excellent Days. All sessions are age-appropriate. #Communication #Image #Style #oneonone #group #youth #children #allageappropriate

  • Is effective eye contact creating impressions at networking events, which maximizes profit and growth?

  • Discover subtle executable etiquette techniques. Yes, flourish in any venue with an abundance of character and charisma. And... navigate the world polished with ease and poise.

  • "Train a child early = Proficiency into Adulthood" - Christine Ferrera





​Master the Art of being Poised

  • ​Navigate with confidence and style

  • Become the sort after business partner 

  • Being present and presentable becomes important



  • Ignite your style to captivate.

  • "Showcase social graces with a touch of glamour.

  • Join us and never skip another unforgettable gala!


Parents Young Adults

  • Cultivate Compassionate Communication:

  • Dining Transforms into an Elegant Pleasure

  • Elevate Your Image from the Start and Watch it Blossom





  • Master the Art of Communication:

  • Capture Attention with Compelling Eye Contact

  • Craft Your Words for Impact

  • Unlock the Secrets of Artful Conversation


The Professional 

  • Do I have a strong representation of my business

  • Am I prepared to stand in for my boss during an executive meeting?

  • Is my image polished enough to effectively convey the message?

College Grads Workforce

  • Empower Your Transition from College to the Workforce

  • Navigate with Confidence and Distinctive Style

  • Become the Sought-After Business Partner

  • Elevate Your Presence and Professional Presentation

What Others Say - "She is known around town as the "Etiquette Lady."


The Gala Moment

Ms. Christine, "Thank You" learning to use a knife and fork correctly makes me feel better about attending any event.

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